Sign Language Alphabet ABC Coloring Book

The Sign Language ABCs Coloring Book is a great introduction to the sign language alphabet, also known as the manual alphabet. Each page showcases upper and lower case letters, a beautifully illustrated picture that starts with the corresponding letter and the sign language hand shape for each letter. The layout has a consistent design and is perfect for creating an ABC Alphabet room border for your classroom or child’s bedroom. Children can make their own book of signs for reference, or teachers can have each child color one page to make a decorative border for their classrooms. Teachers love using sign language because it engages children and keeps them focused. Children love signing because it is visual and kinesthetic and a whole lot of fun. BUT, Did you know that using sign language with hearing children has oodles of benefits? Baby sign language empowers infants with communication before they can speak. Toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school students can learn to spell using the manual alphabet. Additionally, Sign Language is a valuable learning tool for children with autism, Down’s syndrome, and other learning disabilities. Using sign language is a great way to introduce letter sounds and practice spelling with all children.Read More