Sharks & Rays Science & Activities

Sharks & Rays- Science, Art, & Activities

This Sharks & Rays Unit was written and illustrated by a marine biologist. Students will learn: general facts about sharks and their anatomy, facts about specific shark species, facts about other cartilaginous species like rays, and their symbionts (remoras). The fun facts can be used as short reading comprehension exercises or can be read to the students while they color in the illustrations. Several shark craftivities are included to make learning fun. I try to make my lessons relative to multiple grade-levels. The reading and scientific information is more appropriate for 3-5th grade, while the coloring and craftivities can be used with pre-K through 5th grade. Zoos and Aquariums may find the download useful when reaching an audience with a wide age-range. This Sharks & Rays unit includes the following Fact Sheets: Fun Shark Facts (historical, cultural, biological and ecological facts about sharks).Read More

Over-the-Hill Party Pack

The Over-the-Hill Party Pack includes dozens of hilarious photo booth props including street signs, funny expressions, mustaches, beards, glasses, and bowties. Also included in the party pack are two (2) varieties of invitations, badges, labels, and cupcake toppers that can be used for display tables, snacks, drinks, and decorations. You will also find an over-the-hill parking permit, and eye-chart. There are two printable games included: Over-the-Hill Trivia (2-pages) and Over-the-Hill Bingo (25 unique bingo boards). There are also instructions or ideas for additional games and activities. This 73-page party pack is perfect a gag for a retirement or birthday party. We have included two (2) versions of the photo booth street signs to allow you to print on colored card stock in black and white, or in full color. This pack was initially created for a party that we hosted. We got so much great feedback, that we decided to offer it to the public.Read More

Fish Anatomy and Biology Lesson

The Fish Anatomy and Biology / Ichthyology Lesson Includes the following:   Fourteen (14) pages of illustrated non-fiction reading on the following topics: Taxonomy, anatomical terminology, body shapes including form and function, mouth and tail design, coloration and camouflage, scales, reproductive strategies, and fun fish facts.   Internal and External Anatomy worksheets for coloring and labeling   Colorable illustrations for all anatomical features and body designs.   Worksheets for mouth and tail design.   Gyotaku fish printing art project that teaches fish anatomy.   Swim bladder experiment/activity that shows has fish control buoyancy using Boyleʻs Law.   Full Color Fish Anatomy Reference Poster.Read More

Build your own Coral Reef Mural Kids

Build your own coral reef with this kit.Read More

Sign Language Alphabet ABC Coloring Sheets & Room Border

Your students will love learning the sign language alphabet (“manual alphabet”) with this Sign Language ABC download. Every page includes upper and lower case letters, a beautifully illustrated picture that starts with the letter and the sign language hand shape for the letter.   The Layout has a consistent design and is perfect for creating an ABC Alphabet room border for your classroom or bedroom. Children can make their own book of alphabet signs for reference, or each child can color one page to make a decorative border for your classroom. All 26 pages of the alphabet are represented in this download from Teachers Pay Teachers.   Did you know that using sign language is a great way to introduce letter sounds and practice spelling? It provides another kinesthetic activity to accompany your phonics program and really helps students with special needs.Read More

Day of the Dead and Life-sized skeleton Coloring Sheets

This 22 page download includes a child sized skeleton that can be colored and assembled as a group. All the main bones are labeled for a lesson on anatomy. Instructions for assembly are included and help children learn how the bones fit together in the body. The download also includes 10 different original decorated sugar skull coloring sheets that are great for Halloween and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) art projects. There is also a blank skull coloring sheet that can be used as a template to allow older or more creative children to create their own sugar skull.Read More

Life Sized Human Anatomy Lesson including Skeletal and Digestive Systems

This 32-page Life-sized Anatomy lesson includes a 4’ skeleton and major organs that can be colored in and assembled as a class or in groups. Children will learn the names of major bones and organs as well as their functions. They will also learn how everything fits together and how organs work together to build systems. The digestive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and urinary systems are described. Worksheets help students label major organs and describe their functions, and posters help with recognition and memory. Children love assembling this life-sized human anatomy model. This packet includes basic information and is a fun way to introduce young children to anatomy. This packet is appropriate for 2nd-5th grade, but has been used with both younger and older students. This product is a digital download and is available on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.Read More