Sign Language Alphabet ABC Coloring Book

The Sign Language ABCs Coloring Book is a great introduction to the sign language alphabet, also known as the manual alphabet. Each page showcases upper and lower case letters, a beautifully illustrated picture that starts with the corresponding letter and the sign language hand shape for each letter. The layout has a consistent design and is perfect for creating an ABC Alphabet room border for your classroom or child’s bedroom. Children can make their own book of signs for reference, or teachers can have each child color one page to make a decorative border for their classrooms. Teachers love using sign language because it engages children and keeps them focused. Children love signing because it is visual and kinesthetic and a whole lot of fun. BUT, Did you know that using sign language with hearing children has oodles of benefits? Baby sign language empowers infants with communication before they can speak. Toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school students can learn to spell using the manual alphabet. Additionally, Sign Language is a valuable learning tool for children with autism, Down’s syndrome, and other learning disabilities. Using sign language is a great way to introduce letter sounds and practice spelling with all children.Read More

Finding the True Stars of the Ocean, A Realistic Sea Life Coloring Book for Future Marine Biologists

Not just a coloring book! Finding the True Stars of the Ocean is a great educational tool for students (grades 2-5) and teachers alike. If your child was inspired to become a marine biologist or learn more about marine ecosystems after watching one of the blockbuster animated movies, like Finding Dory, then Finding the True Stars of the Ocean is for them. Inside this educational coloring book, your child will learn about the coral reef and kelp forest ecosystems and the balance that exists between the species that live there. They will learn about the real life version of characters from the big screen including: Clownfish, Regal Blue Tangs, Porcupinefish, Butterflyfish, Damselfish, Cleaner Wrasses, Rockfish, Octopuses, Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles, Spotted Rays, Sea Lions, Sea Otters and more. Each colorable illustration is accompanied by a one-page fact sheet about the species. Children will learn about species feeding habits, coloration, anatomy, body design, and their role in the underwater ecosystem. Important ecological principals covered include: symbiosis, the effects of collecting fish for the aquarium trade, reef etiquette and conservation. Including these topics is intended to help children make better decisions about the world we live in. This book is brought to you by award-winning author and illustrator and prolific marine science educational material developer, Monika Mira.Read More

Three-dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book and Paper Crafts

Decorating the Christmas tree has never been so fun! Three-dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book & Paper Crafts will inspire your creativity with twenty-four highly detailed holiday designs. Best-selling Coloring Book Illustrator, Monika Mira brings you this unique and delightful art activity. The elaborate patterns are fun and relaxing to color. Thousands of different color combinations are possible, so your designs will always be unique. The ornament designs can be used for Christmas cards, decorations, and gift tags, or assembled into unique three-dimensional ornaments to hang on your tree. Inside, you will find intricately designed ornaments such as Christmas trees, stars, and fanciful birds, as well as simple but traditional ornament shapes, a tin angel, and a snowy church.Read More

Sugar Skull Coloring Book

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book 2

More Skulls! More Fun! The Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls 2 Coloring Book includes twenty-four brand new sugar skulls designs not seen in Book 1. All designs are suitable for adult coloring and relaxation techniques, but if your kids see these designs they won’t be able to keep their crayons off. Our customers told us that they wanted more sugar skulls to color and would prefer if we left out the pages containing the child-sized skeleton. As a result, the Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls 2 Coloring Book was created especially for all those Día de los Muertos fans who just want to color sugar skulls and nothing else. This all new coloring book is the sequel to The Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book, but there is no life-sized skeleton included. All skulls are meticulously hand drawn into unique creations that include new and unusual designs like octopus, jellyfish, peacocks, and sea turtles. Classic designs include a Catrina and Mariachi. Three different blank skull templates have been included, so that they can be customized by the artist. The back of each page is left blank so that the artist can tear out the pages and use them to string banners, decorate an alter, make sugar skull masks, or for cultural activities in the classroom.Read More

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Sugar Skull Coloring Book features ten original sugar skull coloring pages and one blank skull template that can be customized by the artists. The back of each page is left blank so that the artist can tear out the pages and use them to string banners, decorate an alter, make masks, or for a cultural activities in the classroom. The book also includes a child life size 4′ skeleton that can be torn out, colored in and assembled to make decorations for Dia de los Muertos or Halloween. All the major bones of the skeleton are labeled, which also makes it a great tool for an anatomy lesson. Children will learn the names of the bones and how they fit together. Instructions for assembly are included.Read More

The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book

The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book includes over 200 colorable illustrations to help the reader learn to identify over 80 species of fish. Each illustration is accompanied by a complete description of the fish, including the scientific, common and Hawaiian names. Their anatomical features, coloration, body designs, feeding habits and reproductive strategies are also explained in a fully illustrated section devoted to these topics. In addition, an overview of coral reef ecology is provided to help the reader understand the relationship between the fishes and the coral reef and the importance of conservation. The Earth Friendly Edition is now printed on recycled paper to better reflect the author and publisher’s environmental philosophy. Winner of the Dr.Read More