New Marine Biology Lesson Released

New Marine Biology Lesson Released

Fish_Anatomy_lessonLucid Publishing is proud to announce the release of a Fish Anatomy and Biology Lesson for Grades 4-8. The lesson is adapted from Award-Winning title, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book. The lesson is appropriate for teachers wanting to add a little marine biology to their curriculum but also addresses other subjects like reading and art. The Fish Anatomy and Biology Lesson is available as a download from Teachers Pay Teachers and includes:

Fourteen (14) pages of illustrated non-fiction reading on the following topics:

Taxonomy, anatomical terminology, body shapes including form and function, mouth and tail design, coloration and camouflage, scales, reproductive strategies, and fun fish facts.

Internal and External Anatomy worksheets for coloring and labeling

Colorable illustrations for all anatomical features and body designs.

Worksheets for mouth and tail design.

Gyotaku fish printing art project that teaches fish anatomy.


Swim bladder experiment/activity that shows has fish control buoyancy using Boyleʻs Law.

Full Color Fish Anatomy Reference Poster

Fish Anatomy Poster