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Build your own Coral Reef Mural Kids

Published Date: May 28, 2014

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Are you ready to build a coral reef in your classroom? This life-sized Build Your Own Coral Reef Mural kit blends art and science to help kids learn about the coral reef, and the animals that live there. This kit is perfect for grades 1-4.


What you get in this 24-page downloadable Build your own Coral Reef Mural Kit: Reef fish printables including: Surgeonfish, Parrotfish, Wrasse, Moorish Idol, Boxfish (male and female), Trumpetfish, Triggerfish, Butterflyfish, Yellow Tang, and a Moray Eel. The invertebrates printables include: Brain Coral, snails, crab, brittle star, urchin, sponge, sea fan, and octopus. Of course, no coral reef would be complete without a Green Sea Turtle. Each organism is accompanied by a brief and simple description. Instruction and objectives for a lesson are also provided.


The illustrations in this download come from the award-winning coloring textbook, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book.


Simply print out the reef animals, color them in, cut them out and glue on your life-sized classroom reef. You may decide to use them as templates for a painting project for older students.

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