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Featured Authors

  • Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Collage Craft Tutorial

    Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Collage Craft Tutorial

    Author and Illustrator of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Books shows you how to make this fun sugar skull collage with your students. Supplies for the project include: Elmer’s glue, scissors, construction paper (or magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper & other paper scraps), a sharpie, a pencil, the sugar skull template (available for FREE download in this post), and cardstock to print the skull template. First, print and cut out the sugar skull template. Next, cut the eyes nose and mouth out of a dark color. Then have the students use different sized cups, lids, jars, etc., to draw circles on the construction paper. These will be used to cut out different sized flowers to decorate the sugar skull. Cut out the circles and then wiggle the scissors around to make floral patterns. These need not be exact, just resemble a flower. Cut out pieces from the construction paper that are just a bit larger than the eyes, nose, and mouth. Arrange the pieces on the skull first to see how it looks. You can let some of the flowers hang over the edge and cut off the excess paper when you are finished. When you have an arrangement, you can begin to glue. I like to use Elmer’s glue, which I squeeze in to a recycled lid and then use a q-tip to apply it to the various decorations.Read More

  • Author Blog now hosted on Lucid Publishing Site

    Author Blog now hosted on Lucid Publishing Site

    Aloha! Lucid Publishing has now allowed their authors to host blogs upon their site.Read More

  • Monika Mira

    Monika Mira

    Monika Mira is an avid conservationist and outdoor enthusiast. She has worked on numerous projects to help conserve Hawaii’s natural resources, from teaching marine science to conducting biological stream surveys for the Deparment of Health. Her books reflect her love for nature and her commitment to the environment.Read More